Monday, June 16, 2008

Still Changing me

I have been slack again and not updating this blog, but, have no fear, I haven’t fallen off the wagon. I’ve been on WW yet for 16 weeks and while I have still only lost around the 6kg mark, I am in no way falling off the wagon. It’s become second nature now, I still track every single day, but I don’t feel tempted to ‘cheat’. I know that if I write things down, I remember them, it’s too easy to let things creep in. I remember all those years ago, when I did WW (the second time) , and succeeded, I spent years afterwards tracking and the weight just stayed off.

I still have difficult moments, still evenings are my worst times. They are the times when I wish I had chocolate or nuts to nibble on. But every night, I get through it and just look forward to my cup of tea, my Vaalia yoghurt and 2 WW biscuits. They are my nightly indulgence. Naturally on the weekends I don’t have those, because my foods are generally higher in points. I am still eating less than my 19 daily points during the week, so I have enough for richer food on the weekend. It means I can also incorporate a scone, or some chocolate biscuits as well as my wine - so on the whole grand scheme of things I am not missing out on anything.

I didn’t think I’d lost any weight at all over the last few weeks, but on Saturday I wore my new Levi jeans. They look great with my boots and a lyrcra top and a brown vest. I feel comfortable and dressed up in them, in a nice casual kind of way. On Saturday I felt they needed a really good wash in hot water for them to get back into shape. I haven’t had them for that long. So, even if I don’t think I am losing weight, it’s quiet obvious that I still am.

On the WW forum, they started a 12 week challenge which finishes this Friday. I think everyone has fallen by the wayside, but I have kept all my measurements and stuff along the way, so will post my results on the weekend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Test Drive Mac Journal

I am trialling a new software program. I am such a nerd sometimes lol - I love new applications. I was disappointed that I couldn’t continue using iweb because I decided not to set up a .mac account. This program is called MacJournal, and can be found at at this site

I am trialling the ‘add to blog’ function today.

I had a quiet day at home today. Billy-Joe wasn’t feeling well in the stomach again, so he stayed home. I spent my hours at the computer, finishing my PSE lesson, and reading up about MacJournal. I also went on a long walk, took a huge detour and picked up the kids from school. My legs are aching a big tonight, I may have to have a rest day tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Billy-Joe and I are still continuing on with our program. On Saturday we did Week 4, Day 1. I really surprised myself. I managed to just keep plodding along. We started running down the road, and then continued along the creek and finished the run on the oval. We even did about the last two minutes up and down the oval so that we stayed in the shade - I find this helps me a lot. Billy-Joe struggled a few times, so walked a few steps and then fell back in time with me again.

I had considered giving up the jogging. My hips are not good. I reassess each time I run. At this point in time, I am finding my fitness improve, I recover quite quickly - and I am really loathe to give it up. Sometimes the walk home is difficult, but that's mainly because of the wretched hills - if it were flat, it would be so much easier - and given the problem I have, I know that hills aggravate it. When I think about it my legs feel like they have lead in them all the time, it's a wonder I can jog at all - so I am quite proud of myself for persevering. I will see my physio on Thursday - hopefully she won't rouse at me!!

I got my Polar HRM on Mothers Day, and it's so cool, I love it. It's red, which is such a happy colour. I hope to try it out this afternoon, I will go for a 5km walk, taking the long cut to pick up the kids from school.

The Cohort part of the last post

I never even got back to finishing that last post. When I work everyday, my computer time is severely shortened - understandably so, but I hate it when I don't get to update as often. Life is so busy and I want it captured on my blog, so I can always refer back to it.

We had decided that our kids would go to the local state high school when the time came. Our eldest was not happy about the decision, as his cohort are all going to the Catholic High School, but to his credit, he never complained about it, but we knew it was of concern to him. All the interviews were taking place and dh had seen many parents and kids come through the school for them, and then people started asking him when ours was. The principal was taken aback when Peter said that we had decided to send our kids elsewhere due to the financial constraints. He was very quick in saying that it was always a given that our kids would go there, and that they would help out in any way they can. Peter was very touched by this, and quite humbled as you can imagine. Honestly I hadn't thought too hard about the Catholic High School. When your husband works there for as long as he has, you don't always here the positive side of the story, I only hear him whinging about how much work, etc he has to do. I don't really hear the 'schooling' side of things. I have a friend and sil whose children attended and they too, were always quick to highlight the negatives, so all in all, I wasn't really nonplussed at all that we had chosen the other school.

Having said that though, I don't want my child unhappy. I don't want him dreading entering a huge school where he knows barely no-one. The criterion I based my choosing of their Primary School are still qualities I hold dear. I wanted a small school with a faith based education -and the Catholic High School will continue in that vein. I also wanted the 'feral' element to be as low as possible, so that the chances of him getting into trouble or being led astray were drastically reduced. I know there are bad kids in every school, but there just can't be the same number in a small catholic school as there is in a huge state high. I always wanted to give my kids the best I possibly could - and we believe this school will give us this.

After that initial conversation with the principal, we asked Billy-Joe, if he had a choice what school would he choose. He said, of course St Johns, but I understand why I have to go elsewhere. When we told him that he would most probably go to St Johns - he just flung himself into my arms and he cried. So, that cemented it for me!

Yesterday we had our interview and Billy-Joe did very well, as we knew he would. He can pave the way for the two munchkins who will follow. He's the type of kid that every teacher wants a class full of. I'm not just saying that because I am his Mum either, because I can just as easily say, 'Look out St Johns when the next two come along!!' Maybe they will have settled down by then, although Sammy will always be quirky, but perhaps may have more self control.

Anyway I digress, as per usual. The decision has been made, the money side of things will be worked out later.

Okay, so that concludes the 'cohort' segment of the previous post. Now Billy-Joe will remain with his cohort.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Work, Polar and Cohort

After a full on week last week, I was ecstatic that I had no work on this week. Last week was an interesting scenario but a very good one.

I started one morning, with about 50 pairs of expectant eyes upon me: my students, parent helpers and the special needs aide. I was a teacher down and a parent helper down, it it wasn't even 9am!! It's strange how one reacts to situations. I often think of myself as being a bit on the ditzy side, and someone who stresses easily. I am beginning to learn about myself that that is not the case.

I thought, okay, I am a teacher and a parent helper down, this is going to take me a while, but I will get it sorted. The routine of the classroom is a tricky one, and for the newbie - not easy to follow (and at that point, that included me). I'd organized the kids into their reading groups, the principal arrived and informed me that the replacement teacher was on his way. Okay, now I only have to split myself two ways instead of three. I settled down the kids, and started teaching two groups - praise God that I am quite adept at a multi skilled setting, so even though this was pain staking, it was certainly workable. The other teacher arrived, I gave him a quick introduction, told him my name, and said here are your kids. Take over from the principal and we will muddle through the day. He had a glazed look on his face, a look that can only ever be on someone who has been thrown in at the deep end. The first session is over and I learn that the man is on his first day - ever!! It was second break before I realized the poor man hadn't even been for a pee!!! So I directed him to the toilets and talked to him some more. I was on my own. He was another body, that was useful for looking after kids, but wasn't really in a situation to take any weight off my shoulders. When, in mid session the kids didn't rotate as they should have, I realized that I needed to just take over - and just run it my way. I don't like treading on toes - so did this delicately. The next day, I just timetabled the day, told him what he had to do, and we had a good day. By Thursday, we had a few slots unplanned for so I asked him to think of some activities to do, as Anzac Day was approaching, we decided to work with that.

He arrived on Thursday morning with some awesome ideas, and asked me for my help. He knew my organizational skills were strong, and would I co-ordinate the whole thing. I am all for working with one's strengths. I thought it was a great plan.

We had the best day on the Thursday. I put the kids into their groups, gave them their tasks, and we set off on our project. We made a shrine, covered with pictures and coloured in poppies. We also made a wreath, with a 'Lest We Forget' banner across it. The kids were stoked. It was the focal point of our Anzac Day Ceremony which was held at the end of the day. I was exhausted from that week, but felt great that it all came together really well.

Rebel Sports had a 25% off all day sale on Thursday, if you presented an RACQ card. I had to work, so thought I would probably miss out. Thankfully the manager was really helpful and asked that if I faxed down everything he would put the sale through for me. I am the proud new owner of a Polar F4 HRM watch, the red cool. It's my Mothers Day present, so I am not supposed to know that I am getting it. The store manager on the Friday told me that if I bought other stuff he would give me the 25% off as well. I bought another pair of walking pants and some new tops, and I also got Billy-Joe a really good pair of Fila running shoes.

I will publish this now and then update tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mothers' Day Classic, C25K and other stuff.

My parents are away this year for Mothers' Day. Traditionally, we have always spent it together, and it's become quite a special day in the last 11 years of Mothers' Days where I have been a Mum too. This year, however, my parents have gone away for a few weeks and are not going to be here for that day. My kids have informed me that I can choose to do whatever I like - which is pretty big permission coming from young kids lol.....

Yesterday I was on the WW forum and I read a post about the Mothers Day Classic, and thought - what a fabulous idea. I also knew that my dh wouldn't be so excited about it. I read about it, saw pics from previous events, and could imagine myself doing the 7.5km walk, with a view of doing the 4km jog next year - what a great goal to set myself, and also for Billy-Joe to run it with me. Alas my fears were confirmed, dh is far from enthusiastic about the idea. He hasn't even asked me details about it, but he did ask me why I wanted to do it, I said, I thought it'd be fun, it was a great way to raise money, it was something we could all do together, it was different...... So, not to be disheartened, or set back by such disapproval, I decided there would be other events. So I googled to find another. Sure enough there's another in Brisbane later this year, and yes, you guessed it, it's on Fathers Day.....yeah well he's really going to be impressed with that date lol......

I did Week 2, Day 3 on Sunday, on the beach with Billy-Joe. I actually found it quite tough going. We'd done the day before on the Saturday which is against recommendations, but time isn't always my own, so I wanted to make the most of the good weather. I persisted and got through it, and felt awesome when I finished (and that runner's high kicked in!!!) It was hard running in the sand, the tide was fairly high, so hard sand was nowhere to be found. Plus I was pretty aware of not getting the Mizunos wet.

Yesterday I walked to pick up the kids from school, but I took a huge detour so I walked around 5km. I did a strong, fast walk, and my legs were quite sore last night, probably a culmination of exercising hard a few days close together. Today I ran out of time, with housework and visitors, so I gave my legs a good rest. I will do the long walk again tomorrow. I want to increase my fitness, and increase the speed of my weight loss. I feel strong when I finish my sessions - quite empowered.

Another fantastic benefit is the fact that it's something Billy-Joe and I enjoy doing together. That's why I thought entering a race, (fun run) type event would be a really cool goal for us to work toward. I will just keep my eyes and ears open and see what's happening in the future. I don't hold any plans of winning any events, but I just want the satisfaction of actually competing and completing an event.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mizunos Rock!

My poor old Nikes have seen better days. Not only do they look tired, but the tread is half worn, and they have no cushioning left in them whatsoever. They have served me well, with many hours at the gym, aerobic and pump classes and lots of walks, and often just general comfort. I have had them for four years and was really pleased that I bought them, even though they weren't cheap. I have chronic achilles tendonitis and also have calf problems (on the same side), so correct footwear for me is imperative. I can remember my last shoes, I could barely walk in them, and them my achilles problem was helped more by the new Nikes than the $400+ orthotics which I bought. Mind you I still wear the orthotics, they are quite comfortable. I probably should really have them renewed. My hip problem is - I believe also at the crux of my foot problem. I think it exacerbates the calf and the achilles and also the area on the inside of my foot, around the inside of my ankle bone. Funnily enough I have no pain in my shoes, but have to be careful barefoot or in my house shoes. Anyway, I digress terribly, that was not the topic of my post.

Yesterday morning, I thought to my self, I would really like to go and have a look at Athletes Foot and see about some new walking/running shoes. I also need some new walking gear, as my stuff is looking rather faded and even some of the new stuff is baggy and I like firm pants (without saggy knees in them). I told myself that if I got some extra work within the next four weeks, over and above the contracted work, I would shout myself some new stuff, so perhaps it wasn't wise to go and have a look when I didn't want to spend any money yet. Lo and behold, not ten minutes after my decision, one of the teachers rang me and asked me to work Monday!! Unbelievable!! I also had a phone call from a girlfriend asking me to meet her for coffee and lunch - well if that wasn't a sign, I don't know what was.

I went to Athletes Foot, after a lovely coffee and lunch with galpal Lisa - and the people in there were incredibly helpful. I ended up buying a cool pair of Mizunos. They fitted me like a glove and were soo comfortable, I felt like I was walking on air. I walked out of there in my new Mizunos a very happy camper. I told them of my endeavour to run - said it was one of those dreams I'd harboured for so long, but that I'd often had doubts - I mean are some people just not meant to run?? I am not a born runner, I am not a born athlete full stop. But I have a hope that I can master this. With following the C25k program, slow and easy I think I can do it. They told me at AF to take it easy, and that I would be okay. I read on the WW forums about women trying it all the time, and they weigh much more than I do, some of them over 20kg than me - so I know physically I should be able to do it.

So, I get up this morning, all looking forward to trying out the Mizunos and the new walking gear. (I stopped into Rebel Sports on my way home). I felt the part and dh was constantly groping my rear end, 'cause he said it looked damn good!! Got the family organized, lunch all round, donned the Mizunos and the rain just poured out of the sky!! And it was cold! It was foul!! Stuff it, we decided, take the mobile if it rains darling husband would come and collect us. I went out to the porch to stretch my calf and achillies pre-run and it was so dark that it was obvious it was going to pour again soon.

Peeved, we went inside, I changed into tracksuit pants and ugh boots, resigned to not jogging today - I was so excited too, because Billy-Joe was all pumped to come with me. I sat down at the computer and perused the boards at Cool Runnings.

I kept getting up and staring out all the windows - Billy-Joe was resting and was not happy that I was obviously not relaxed, so he just said, 'How about, we just go?'. What a honey......what a darling child!! We went.

Week 2, Day 1 C25k and we kicked butt. Next time we will take some ventolin, Billy-Joe struggled a bit. I told him that doing this would improve his lung capacity. He was excited and pumped. He even said that he would enter more events at the Sports Carnival and that he was feeling better since we'd started walking together. This is so cool. It's so awesome that we can spend time together like this. He is just the best companion. We just floated home! The hill in Elizabeth St and our St seemed so easy, we both commented on how it didn't feel half as steep as normal.....

And those Mizunos! I know good shoes are important, I'd done enough research to know that, I just didn't believe they would actually make it easier for me. I felt so much more sure footed. I was cushioned underneath and felt more secure in my shoe.

I won't be able to jog this week, anymore, with working four days - it will be Friday before I can go out again. I don't care if the 8 week program takes me 14 weeks, I will just persevere.......